Swagpack is merging with Scalable Press. We will stop processing orders by 10/31/2021. Place your order now. If you have any question, please contact [email protected].

Better swag. Happier Teams. Delivered.

Swagpack is an all-in-one swag solution with no minimum orders and no inventory to manage. Create an online store and let your employees, clients, or fans directly choose the items they want.

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A smart swag solution


No more ordering 100 shirts when you only need 10. We customize and print each product on demand.


Because items are printed separately, you can simply allocate individual budgets and let each team member choose the swag they want.


We ship individually to each person's home so there's no inventory to manage. Working remotely just got easier!

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2021 Swag Trends for Companies

There probably would be an opportunity to work part-time at the office and part-time at home at least for the first half of the year. Let’s help our remote workers stay connected while working from home.

Our products

High quality swag featuring your company logo! We have over 40,000 products and counting.

swag package apparel shirts
  • T-shirts start from $9.99
  • Polos start from $19.99
branded swag zippered jackets
  • Hoodies start from $29.99
  • Fleeces start from $29.99
custom employee swag mugs and face masks
  • Masks start from $8.95
  • Tumblers start from $19.99
swag pack solution custom backpacks and accessories
  • Backpacks start from $46.99
  • Hats start from $12.99

Simply upload your artwork to create your company swag store

It only takes 30 seconds to build your own shop and share it with team members! If you'd like, you can request a free demo below and we'll walk you through the simple process.

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  • company logo swag
    Upload artwork

    Upload your company logo or artwork to Swagpack.

  • online business swag
    We’ll generate an online store with your company swag

    We’ll apply your logo to dozens of products. Add or remove items you want to have in your company store.

  • swag for employees
    Invite colleagues, allocate credits

    As store admin, you can purchase credits and allocate them to team members for swag orders. Share the credits, share the love.

  • custom swag packs
    Choose the swag YOU want

    Each team member can use their credits to choose the type of swag they get.

Maximize the ROI on your swag budget

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